It is a complete product for energy management of buildings. It consists of hardware (wireless data acquisition unit for data reading, temperature sensors, and power meters) and open source (web) applications. The key focus is on the integrity of hardware and software and user-friendliness. The product is intended not only for energy enthusiasts, but also for the widespread use of the basic package. Also, an expert unrecognized user can then monitor the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption (images, graphs, tables) via a simple and simple mode ("on line"). The user at one place gets up-to-date information about current values ​​as well as any comparative data on past spending. From the latter, the key points and elements that lead to a greater or lesser degree are evident at any time by the controller. excessive energy consumption, and what is essential, the user can immediately act on the basis of these read information.


  •  Technologically advanced, wireless, web and mobile system,
  •  An advanced, standardized product with a simple user interface,
  •  Compliant with the regulatory environment (Directive 2012/27 / EU and the new Energy Act), which also  encourages such services and in certain segments also requires it (here it is called Intelligent Measurement Systems and Energy Accountancy).


EUDOM thus pursues broader goals:

  •  Increasing energy efficiency,
  •  Reducing CO2 consumption,
  •  Achieving economic effects (savings in energy costs),
  •  Developing an energy-efficient technology, thereby promoting innovation and competitiveness,,
  •  Achieving the goals of the users of buildings (enterprises, institutions) set in energy audits, rehabilitation and  management programs,
  •   Implementation of the objectives of strategic and program documents of Slovenia and the European Union (EU).