Social entrepreneurship is an innovative form of entrepreneurship with a great sense of responsibility for society and people. For social entrepreneurship, it is characteristic that business motivation in solving social, economic, environmental and other problems of society is in an innovative way. The basic purpose of this alternative form of entrepreneurship is market activity, taking into account the principles of social entrepreneurship. It creates new jobs for vulnerable groups of people and performs socially useful activities.

Like classical companies, social enterprises also appear on the market, with the difference that they do not usually share profit, but return it back to the company. Social entrepreneurship is interconnected as it promotes people's involvement and volunteering, and in this way strengthens solidarity in society.

Establishment of a social enterprise

The status of a social enterprise pursuant to the Social Entrepreneurship Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 20/2011) may be obtained by a non-profit legal entity for performing social business activities or for the employment of vulnerable groups of persons. However, the purpose of establishing a social enterprise should not be predominantly or exclusively profit-making.

The application for registration of a social enterprise must be addressed to a non-profit legal entity by the competent registry authority.


Pursuant to the provisions of the Social Entrepreneurship Act, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology keeps records of social enterprises.

Records of social enterprises